• 2-in-pipe-to-2-1/2-vac-hose-adapter-with-plug
    2″ Vacuum System Inlet with Plug

    2 Inch PVC Pipe to 2-1/2 inch Shop Vac Hose Adapter

    Pipe Coupling is ready to glue to PVC pipe

    Use standard PVC Glue

    Hose adapter works with hard or soft hose cuffs

    Comes with Plug and Lanyard

    For information call Cat 6 Tools
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  • vacuum-hose-pipe-adapter
    Vacuum Hose Pipe Adapter
    • Made of PETG plastic
    • Adapts to standard 2-1/2" ShopVac hose
    • Adapts to any 2" PVC Pipe Coupling
    • Use EPOXY for solid connection.
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