• gasoline-powered-vacuum-filter-drum
    Makita Gasoline Powered Vacuum Filter Drum

    WOC Show Special - 1 left 10 gal. 

    Call if you want it mounted on a 16 gallon drum.

    • Available in 10 or 16 gallon drums

    • Standard Color is Black

    • Drums are powder coated for long life and durability

    • Comes with 8 feet of Commercial low loss vacuum hose

    • Includes High efficiency 4-cycle Makita engine – no mixing of gas and oil

    • Runs many hours on 1 gallon of gas

    • Pulls 14.5 Inches of H2O vacuum

    • 240 CFM airflow with 8ft of 2-1/2" vacuum hose

    • Ideal for operating the Holey-Moley Diggers without electricity

    • 10 gal drum weighs 26 pounds with 8 feet of vacuum hose

    • 16 gal drum weighs 30 pounds with 8 feet of vacuum hose

    Got a question about this Product?  Give us a call 702-533-4363 or
    Select 10 gallon and use special coupon code.  Call if you want the unit mounted on a 16 gallon drum.
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  • cyclonic-separator-steel-pail-5-gallon
    Cyclonic Separator 5 Gallon Steel Pail
    • Includes 5 gallon steel pail with Cyclonic Separator Lid 

    • Ready to go with 4 ft and 8 ft of vacuum hose

    • Ports are suitable for standard 2-1/2" Shop Vacuum Hose

    • Adapters are made of durable high strength PETG Plastic

    • Latches with safety catch firmly hold lid on

    • Works with most shop vacuums with 2-1/2" hose

    • Suitable for sand, gravel, mud, and most solids and liquids

    • Do not use with flammable or volatile liquids

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  • cyclonic-separator-lid
    Cyclonic Separator Plastic Bucket Gamma Lid
    • Ready to use out of the box
    • Includes Laser cut metal plate for durability
    • Cyclonic Deflectors and Plate are bolted to a modified Gamma Lid
    • Includes Gamma Lid bucket adapter ring 
    • Hard plastic deflectors.  Use either hole for inlet or outlet. 
    • Made for standard 2-1/2" shop vacuum hose adapters.
    • Made for wet/dry operation
    • Will handle gravel up to 1-1/2"
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