• 8-gallon-steel-filter-drum-tangential-inl
    Vacuum Filter Drum wet/dry 8 gallons
    • Tangential Inlet - fits standard 2-1/2"  shop vac hose - 2" inlet
    • Uses standard Ridgid Vacuum Filters
    • Powder Coated Steel Drum
    • High quality latches
    • Steel handles for easy carry
    Introductory Price - $100 Off Retail - Limited Quantity Available  
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  • commercial-grade-cyclonic-vacuum-bucket-wet-dry
    Commercial Grade Cyclonic Vacuum Bucket
    • Ready to use out of the box
    • Includes 7 gallon bucket, Cyclonic Lid, and 4' of 2" low loss hose
    • Includes Laser cut metal plate for durability bolted to modified Gamma Lid
    • Includes Gamma Lid bucket adapter on 7 gallon bucket. 
    • Hard plastic deflectors.  Use either hole for inlet or outlet. 
    • Made for standard 2-1/2" shop vacuum hose adapters.
    • Made for wet/dry and dry gravel up to 1-1/2"
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  • tangential-inlet-vacuum-filter-bucket-commercial-grade
    Commercial Grade Tangential Inlet Vacuum Filter Bucket
    • Includes laser cut metal plate with vacuum outlet adapter
    • Includes wet/dry filter adapter with float
    • Includes 4 feet of Low Loss Vacuum Hose with two hose cuffs
    • Uses standard Rigid Vacuum filters, general dust filter included
    • Fits any shop vacuum 2-1/2" hose adapter
    • Tangential inlet includes metal 2" tubing for durability
    • Tangential inlet adapter for standard 2-1/2" hose adapters
    • This is the finest cyclonic bucket assembly made.
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