• digging-attachments-for-shop-vacuum-hoses-and extensions
    Shop Vacuum Digger Attachments
    • Made for digging around drip irrigation lines

    • Includes 1 double ended hole shaver for hole enlargement

    • Includes 1 toothed digger attachment for digging

    • Fits standard 2-1/2" shop vacuum hose extensions

    • Fits on standard 2-1/2" shop vacuum hoses.

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  • Digger Vacuum Hose Adapter
    Digger Vacuum Hose Adapter
    • Made of PETG plastic
    • Adapts to 2-1/2" Commercial Grade Vacuum hose
    • Fits into any 2-1/2" Shop Vacuum Inlet/Outlet
    • Maintains vacuum yet provides a slip fit over 2" metal tubing
    • Recommended for Holey Moley Diggers
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