• vacuum-hose-2-1/2"-x-8ft-low-loss-comercial-grade-for-shop-vac
    Low Loss Vacuum Hose 2-1/2 inch Soft Cuffs
    • 8 foot hose improves flow rate over standard Shop Vac Hose by 20%

    • Vacuum Hose 4', 8', 10', 12', 15', 20' 25',30',35',40',50' lengths

    • Easy thread on Soft Hose Cuffs - Left Hand Threads

    • Hose Cuffs Slip Fit on 2" Metal Tubing

    • Hose Cuffs work with Holey-Moley Diggers

    • The Hose Cuffs work with Standard 2-1/2" Shop Vacuum Inlets

    • 2-1/2" OD, 2" ID

    • Commercial Grade

    • Won't Kink like Shop Vacuum Hose

    • Smooth Low Loss Interior Bore

    • Crush Resistant.

    • Bright Orange for areas with high traffic.

    • UV / Fade Resistant

    • 8  Feet Recommended for Shop Vac to Diggers

    • 4 Feet Recommended Shop Vac to Separator

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  • hose-cuff-swivel-2-one-half-inch-hose-to-vacuum
    Flexible Swivel Hose Cuff
    • Fits 2-1/2" OD Commercial Vacuum Hose
    • Fits snugly on 2" metal tubing
    • Has a smooth swivel rotation 360 degrees.
    • Designed to thread on to the exterior profile of industry standard 2.0” inner diameter crush proof hose with a female slip end measuring 2.0” on the inner diameter
    • Molded using an 85-90 shore PVC permitting the threads engaging the hose a degree of flexibility accommodating minor variation in the pitch and spacing of the hose corrugations
    • Designed for the left hand thread pattern typical of spiral would crush proof hoses and easily engages the hose holding secure against stripping from the hose
    • The stop shoulder helps insure a smooth transition of the air stream into the hose
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