• homeowner-swimming-pool-fire-pump
    Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump


    • Powered by GX200 Honda engine - Serviceable

    • Precision 250 GPM Keene Engineering Pump - Serviceable

    • Pump can be rebuilt or serviced in Los Angeles

    • 75-150 foot nozzle stream depending on hose length

    • Includes Short 25ft 1-1/2" hose with Fire Nozzle for testing

    • 100 Feet of quality, mil spec, double wall,  1-1/2 inch fire hose

    • 10 feet of  2-1/2" intake hose w/Quick Connect

    • Cart with inflated tires

    • Made is USA 

    • Call Titus Nelson now for help - 702-533-4363

    See Videos at the bottom of Description

    Call Titus Nelson a former Smokejumper for immediate help


    Note:  In stock means parts are available for build-up. Availability can be immediate or 1 to 2 weeks depending on build-up. Inventory can be depleted and lead times can go out to 8 weeks in one day.  Prices are subject to change daily.  Call if you have any questions.   
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  • Foam Fast Fire Nozzle
    Foam Fast Fire Nozzle
    • Auto Injection of foam wetting agent into nozzle
    • Attaches to 1-1/2" Fire Hose
    • Flow Rate 50GPM
    • Light Weight 4 pounds
    • 2 Pistol Grips
    Note:  These foam nozzles are in short supply.  Lead times are now 3 to 4 weeks from the manufacturer.
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  • Foam-Fast-Replacement-Cartridges
    Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges

    Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges The Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges insert into the Foam Fast Fire Fighting Nozzle shown below.   As a result of their excellent design, these cartridges have a perfect fit.  Consequently they are made for fast replacement of … Continued

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  • Fire Hose 1-1/2" x 100'
    Fire Hose 1-1/2 inch x 100 feet
    • For Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump
    • 1-1/2 inch x 100 feet
    • Mil Spec 2 ply rubber hose
    • Fire Hose Quick Connectors
    Note:  Fire hose is now in SHORT SUPPLY.  Inventory is low and can be depleted in hours.  Lead times can go out to 2 months. Call if you have any questions:   702-533-4363
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