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Holey-Moley Digger

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The average cost of digging a fence posthole in the US is $100 a hole. If you already own a shop vacuum, this is the most cost effectiuve and easiest method of digging post holes!

Questions to ask when buying a digger.

  1. What diameter hole?
  2. Maximum depth?
  3. How many holes?
  4. What’s your budget?
  5. Do you have a Shop Vac with 2-1/2” hose?


Using the Digger

The digger is easy to use. Turn on the vacuum and rotate the digger back and forth. The high velocity air in the digger head removes the dirt to the shop vacuum at rates up to 1 pound a second.

The Digger

The high quality steel digger is light weight easy to assemble with only three parts, the Handle assembly, the digger head and upper vacuum extension tube. When disassembled the unit fits into a small space.

The Digger Head

The bimetallic digger cutting blade provides long life for cutting into hard materials. The dowel cutters and scraper blades are easily sharpened with a file. All parts are replaceable. Available in sizes 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch.

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  • The Holey-Moley Post Hole Digger is a vacuum assisted, manually operated hole-boring tool.
  • It operates in loose to hard packed soils. This tool works well in soils with gravel or small rocks and in hardpan.
  • Hard packed clay soils, loose soils and soils with up to 50% moisture are easy to penetrate.
  • This Digger is easy to operate with only easy back-and-forth rotational movement to loosen the soil.
  • Your shop vacuum does the hard work. The vacuum removes the soil from the hole while digging.
  • The vacuum also works well for cleaning up the bottom of the hole when digging is complete.
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Light Weight Digging Tool

Weighs approximately 10 pounds and is easy to handle and move around. Compared to gas engine augers this digger is lightweight and easy to work with.

Fastest Digging Tool

With a 180-200 CFM shop vacuum with 2-1/2 inch hose, this digger can pull 1 pound of dirt a second out of the hole.

Easy on Your Back

Easy back and forth rotation that is easy on the back, no lifting or jarring movements. The movements are actually gentle muscle strengthening movements.

Deep Straight Uniform Holes up to 20 Feet

Removes the least amount of dirt required for a hole. The holes are straight and uniform. Holes to 54” are standard, extension are available.