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  • Basic Firefighter Tool Kit
    Basic Firefighter Tool Kit – Pulaski & Fire Shovel
    • Light weight - 8 pounds.
    • Blades are heat treated tool steel
    • Blades last longer than standard blades
    • Blades can be replaced
    • Includes Pulaski blade guard
    • 5 Tools in 1 one kit - Pulaski (axe/grub hoe), Shovel, McLeod (rake/scaper)
    • Includes Universal Handle, Pulaski, Shovel/McLeod
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  • Pulaski Firefighter Tool
    Combination “Magnum Pulaski” Firefighter Tool
    • Combination Pulaski Firefighter's Tool Head
    • Universal Fire Tool Handle
    • Axe for cutting
    • Hoe for grubbing
    • Replaceable heat treated steel blades
    • Grub-blade width 5.5 inch
    • Axe blade width 4.25 inch
    • Includes blade guard
    • Pulaski Head - 3.3 Pounds, 13″L, 5.5″ W, 4.5″H
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  • Core Digger Replacement Blades
    Core Digger Replacement Blades

    Quality Blades at a Reasonable Price

    4", 5", 6" replacement blades

    • Designed to install in less than 15 minutes
    • Made of high quality carbon steel
    • Beautifully finished with a high quality zinc plating
    • Blade teeth are easy to resharpen
    Got a question?  Give us a call 702-533-4363
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  • EZ-Post-Hole-Reamer-Assembly
    EZ Post Hole Reamer – 8 Inch

    Reams any 6-inch post hole to 8-inches

    • Works in Hard Clay, Hard Soils, and Moist Soils. Does not work well in Sticky Clay.
    • Complete assembly ready to use
    • Diameter is 8-⅜" suitable for cardboard concrete tubes.
    • Available as  Quick Change Head
    • Working depth 54" inches, extensions available.
    • Works with Shop Vacuums (recommended 12 amps, 180 to 200 CFM - typical 6.5HP).   We recommend that you use your own shop vacuum first before buying a new one.  2-½ inch suction hose recommend for perfect fit to digger suction pipe
    • Works with our Portable Engine Driven Shop Vacuum System
    • All Blades are Replaceable
    • Can be extended with Post Hole Digger Vacuum Tube Extensions - 14", 28", 36", 48".
    Got a question?  Give us a call - 702-533-4363
    Choose Assembly or Quick Change Head
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  • Fire Hose 1-1/2" x 100'
    Fire Hose – 1-1/2″ x 100 feet
    • For Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump
    • 1-1/2 inch x 100 feet
    • Mil Spec 2 ply rubber hose
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  • Fire Shovel
    Fire Shovel “Troop Tool” with Universal Quick Connect Handle
    • 4 tools in 1 - simple design
    • Rake, Scraper, Shovel
    • Adjustable angles on Shovel/McLeod
    • Hardened steel blade
    • Easily breaks down for transport
    • Lays flat to be carried in travel bag
    • Weight 5.4 pounds
    • Blade-open dimensions: 26″ L.
    • Blade-closed dimensions: 21.5″L
    • Shovel Blade length 11.5″L
    • Shovel-blade width 7.5″W
    • Depth of serrations approx. 1.25"
    • Handle length 37"
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  • Firefighter Tool Universal Handle
    Firefighter Tool “Universal Handle”
    Purchase this handle as a spare, or additional handle for tool kits
    • Universal Handle fits all Quick Change Fire Tool Heads.
    • Hickory handle with CNC alloy fitting.
    • Shipping Weight - 3.25 pounds
    • Tool Weight - 1.75 pounds
    • Length - 37″
    • Color - Red.
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  • Foam Fast Fire Nozzle
    Foam Fast Fire Nozzle
    • Auto Injection of foam wetting agent into nozzle
    • Attaches to 1-1/2" Fire Hose
    • Flow Rate 50GPM
    • Light Weight 4 pounds
    • 2 Pistol Grips
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  • Foam-Fast-Replacement-Cartridges
    Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges

    Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges The Foam Fast Replacement Cartridges insert into the Foam Fast Fire Fighting Nozzle shown below.   As a result of their excellent design, these cartridges have a perfect fit.  Consequently they are made for fast replacement of … Continued

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  • Grass Fire Swatter
    Grass Fire Swatter “Dragon Swatter”
    Weight - 5lb. 4oz Shipping Weight  box 1.5lb. = 1lb 8oz   Total = 6lb. 12oz = 6.75 lb  
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  • Plastic Garden Trowel
    High Strength Plastic Garden Trowel
    • Made from strongest ABS Plastic available
    • Handle End made for Palm Pushing and Hitting.
    • Can handle 100 plus pounds of applied pushing force where other trowels typically break or snap at 10 to 30 pounds
    • Light weight - 5 oz
    • Includes a removable steel insert tip for ripping and piercing through material.
    • Easily hacks through hard ground with the Steel Claw.
    • Perfect for the home garden enthusiast especially when planting in flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.
    • American durability you can depend on, proudly made in the U.S.A.
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  • Holey-Moley-Post-Hole-Digger-Replacement-Blades-and-Heads
    Holey Moley Digger Replacement Blades & Heads
    • All Digger Heads are Replaceable (includes saw blade and scraper blade)
    • All Digger Heads are interchangeable 4", 5", 6" fit the same bolt pattern
    • Digger Heads are interchangeable with 4 bolt Universal Adapter
    Got a question?  Give us a call.  702-533-4363
    Use drop down to select your blade size
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