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  • 7-gal-plastic-bucket-side-carry-handle
    7 Gal Plastic Bucket Side Handle
    • Mounts to 7 gallon bucket side grips

    • Takes the load off of Engine Mounts on Gas Engine Vacuum Buckets

    • Made of 1/2" Aluminum tubing

    • Mounting hardware 1/4-20 bolts included

    • Easiy supports 50 to 60 pound loads

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  • black-and-decker-7-gallon-bucket-vacuum
    7 Gallon Bucket Vacuum 4-in-1 Electric
    • Vacuum Bucket made for Black & Decker BV5600, BV6000, BV6600 and BV3600 Blowers

    • Standard comes with BV6000 Electric Blower

    • 12 AMP,  400 CFM,  250 MPH Blower

    • 2 speed blower weights 8.1 pounds

    • Uses Standard Ridgid Vacuum Filters

    • 7 Gallon Vacuum Bucket with Tangential Inlet

    • Vacuum Bucket - 170 CFM at 22.7inH20

    • Leaf Mulcher - Metal Blade

    Have your own Blower?  Just purchase Vacuum Bucket without Blower

    Have a question?  Call 702-533-4363

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  • vacuum-drum-16-gallon-makita-lid
    8-16 Gallon Vacuum Drum with Lid for Makita Blower
    • 16 gallon drum with tangential inlet

    • Comes with Modified lid for a Mikita Blower (Vacuum)

    • Includes lifting handles

    • Long Life Black Powder Coat with Primer.

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  • adapter-straight-bulkhead-2-1/2-inch-shop-vac-hose
    Bulkhead Straight Shop Vac Hose Adapter

    Bulkhead Straight Shop Vac Hose Adapter     This adapter is made for flat surfaces This bulkhead straight shop vacuum hose adapter is made for flat .025″ flat plates and comes with three #12 screws.  The unique design of this … Continued

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  • cyclonic-separator-steel-pail-5-gallon
    Cyclonic Separator 5 Gallon Steel Pail
    • Includes 5 gallon steel pail with Cyclonic Separator Lid 

    • Ready to go with 4 ft and 8 ft of vacuum hose

    • Ports are suitable for standard 2-1/2" Shop Vacuum Hose

    • Adapters are made of durable high strength PETG Plastic

    • Latches with safety catch firmly hold lid on

    • Works with most shop vacuums with 2-1/2" hose

    • Suitable for sand, gravel, mud, and most solids and liquids

    • Do not use with flammable or volatile liquids

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  • 5-gal-cyclonic-separator-steel pail-lid-top
    Cyclonic Separator Plastic Bucket Lid with Lock Ring Clamp
    • 11.75 inch Anodized Aluminum Plate

    • 2 PETG Deflectors

    • 1 Locking Ring Clamp

    • Fits standard 5 and 7 gallon Plastic Buckets.

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  • cyclonic-90-deg-hose-adapter
    Cyclonic Vacuum Deflector
    • 90 degree vacuum hose deflector

    • Works best in pairs

    • Adapts to standard 2-1/2 inch shop vac hose.

    • Made for Cat 6 Tools' Cyclonic Lids

    • Comes with 3 #12 mounting screws

    • Made of PETG hard, durable Plastic

    • Can be used as inlet or outlet

    Price is for a single deflector
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  • echo-gasoline-7-gal-bucket-vacuum
    Echo Gasoline Vacuum Bucket
    •  Echo PB-2620 25.4 cc Gasoline Engine

    • 200 CFM air flow with High Efficiency Tangential Inlet

    • 7 Gallon High Strength Plastic Bucket and Filter Assy

    • Comes with 8 feet of 2-1/2" Low Loss Vacuum Hose

    • Fast Lock Ring Clamp For Easy Engine Lid Removal

    Order with or without filter assembly below
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  • Filter Separator Lid with Lock Ring Clamp w/o filter
    Filter Separator Lid with Lock Ring Clamp w/o filter
    • 11.75 inch Anodized Aluminum Plate

    • Single Bulkhead Hose Adapter 

    • Fits 2-1.2 inch vacuum hoses.

    • Lock Ring Clamp

    • Fits standard 5 and 7 gallon plastic Buckets

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  • rieke-lever-lock-ring-pail-clamp
    Lever Lock Clamp Ring
    • This Lever Lock Clamp Ring is a ring closure for UN Rated steel pails

    • When closed, the ring overlaps to ensure sealing power completely encircles the lid and eliminating gaps

    • The unique design is as dependable as a bolt ring, and yet much easier to apply and remove over and over again

    • Easier to open and close than bolt rings

    • Install and open without tools

    • Can be used for shipping non-hazardous materials

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  • Makita Blower Outlet Locking Hose Adapter
    Makita Blower Outlet Locking Hose Adapter
    • Attaches to Makita BHX-2500-CA Blower outlet

    • Makes a secure pressure fitting

    • Fits standard 2-1/2" Shop Vac hoses

    • Easy 1/4 rotation lock.

    • Allen Screw to secure.

    Call Cat 6 Tools at 702-533-4363 for questions about this product.
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  • makita-adapter-kit-with-ring-clamp
    Makita Engine Bucket Mounting Kit
    • Inclues Aluminum Plate

    • Makita Adapters

    • Support straps

    • Complete with hardware

    • Includes locking ring clamp

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