Mining Tools Videos are shown on this page to further information on the use and maintenance of equipment shown on this web page.

Mining Tools Videos

Mining Tools Videos

Shown on this page is the RC-1 Gravel Rock Crusher with Cart. In addition, you will see a video on the RC-46 Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher. Also included is a review video from Hard Rock University.

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Mining Tools Videos

RC-1 Quality Portable Rock Crusher

This video shows the RC1 Rock Crusher in action. In addition, the set up, operation, and safety can be seen. The introduction of the new RC1 Cart is also shown. The new cart is a amazing add-on that makes the RC1 crusher easier to handle, safer to work with, and it also allows one to crush more material with less effort.

The RC-1 portable rock crusher is the perfect crusher for exploratory work in the field.


RC-46T Gas Powered 3-Stage Trailer Mounted Rock Crusher




The Keene RC-46T 2-Stage Rock Crusher Review by Hard Rock University

Hard Rock University discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the Keene Engineering RC-46 rock crusher discussing both the jaw and roller crushers in general.  In addition, modifications are included which Keene has improved on since this video.


  1. Hard Facing tricks for the jaws.
  2. Roller Scrapers
  3. 1/8 inch plus and minus material handling.
  4. Well designed
  5. Robust
  6. Plenty of power
  7. Wear Rates are reasonable and controllable
  8. 800-1000 pounds per hour.  500 pounds per hour under extreme conditions.
  9. One grease fitting is hard to get to.
  10. Moveable jaws can be removed and hard faced – Clamp blades together before welding and allow to cool.
  11. Trick on how to increase jaw life.
  12. Air filter good
  13. Simple to maintain.
  14. Belt drive will throw a belt before breaking anything.
  15. Do not shut down under load. Must disassemble to unload jaws.


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