Fire Season is Here. It’s Going to Be Bad! And more!

OStart preparing from all indications the 2021 fire season for the West is going to be bad, real bad. A fire pump can save your house

fire-season-is-here-are-you ready-get-prepared
Fire Season is here and the 2021 season looks like it is going to be bad. Get Prepared.


Titus Nelson, Former Smokejumper, warns severe fire danger ahead for this fire season!  Get Ready

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Titus Nelson


As a former Smokejumper and Southern California Firefighter, Titus Nelson knows California Wildfires and the fire pump. With above normal fire conditions, fires spread at unimaginable speeds and reach incredible sizes.  Based on the last three years, this fire season is going to be just as bad.  Get prepared now, start planning.  However, there’s now evidence that climate change is boosting the risk of extreme wildfire conditions in California just as we are seeing bigger storms, badder storms, and more storms across the country. In short, expect dryer dry, wetter wet, and more climate related disasters. The best tool you can have is a fire pump.

Read the September 2020 blog – Protect Your Home From Wildfire – 6 Things You Can Do. It is now more important than ever to prepare for wildfires.

The Forecast June 1 – July 1

Here a quote from the National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook for  the June 1-July 1 Fire Outlook.  You may want to bookmark this page as it is updated monthly.

The Forecast

“The Southwest is forecast to have above normal significant fire potential through June before the Southwest Monsoon arrives. Above normal significant fire potential will expand northward into the Great Basin and Rocky Mountain Geographic Areas through August with areas closer to the monsoon likely returning to near normal significant fire potential in July and August. Central Oregon into southeast Washington is likely to have above normal significant fire potential beginning in June with portions of the Coast Ranges, Sierra, and Cascades in California increasing to above normal in June and July and continuing through September. West of the Continental Divide in the Northern Rockies is expected to have above normal significant fire potential in July before spreading across the entire geographic area during August, then likely returning to normal in September.”

Water is King!

To best way to fight fires is with water. Ask any fire fighter.  Water is king.  That is why you see fire hydrants on every corner of every city block and that’s why fire crews arrive with a truck full of water.   Water is king when it comes to fighting fires.  If you have a swimming pool, you are KING when there is a fire.  Take advantage of your resource.  Note item 6. below.  Get a Swimming Pool Fire Pump.

Mitigating Fire Risk

Reduction of fire risk in wildfire urban areas is not hard, however, risk reduction is a priori function as compared to what comes after a fire which is posteriori, and take if from me you don’t want to be on the posteriori end of a fire event.  From my previous blog article on the subject Protect Your Home From Wildfire – 6 Things You Can Do here are the 6 things you can do:

  1. Block the attic vent screens – this is where embers can enter the attic and ignite materials inside the house
  2. Protect exposed wood under the eves of your home.
  3. Cover your windows to prevent IR heat from igniting materials inside your house.
  4. Remove flammable materials from around your house
  5. Set up adjustable RainBird sprinklers to cover the sides and under eves of your house.
  6. If you have a swimming pool, get a Swimming Pool Fire Pump.

If you have a swimming pool you are a king.  Don’t waste it.

However to use water effectively to Protect Your Home From Wildfire is a fire pump. Most importantly, one of the best fire pumps for Homeowners is the Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump.   As a result of years of engineering and manufacturing experience, this pump is a precision, high pressure pump that will shoot a stream of water up to 250 feet.

In fire season, if you have to leave your home, make sure you pump is set up and ready to go.  Notify the fire department that you have a pump and that it is set up. It’s a good idea to have the fire department come out and show them what you have.  Even better, put a sprinkler system together, so that if you have to leave, just turn your pump and sprinklers on.  This pump will run for hours using water from your pool to keep you house and surrounding brush soaked.



Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump


Get to know Your Fire Department

If you have a swimming pool pump, the fire department won’t have to send a pumper truck.  As a result, they can then just send a couple firefighters who are more than capable of using portable swimming pool pumps. Additionally, during the dry season, the fire department will appreciate your preparedness.  As a result, with a pool and pump the Fire Department will have a good chance of saving your house. So prepare now, start planning on getting your fire pump.

As a result of great engineering, a fabulous accessory for you pool pump is the ultimate fire tool, the Foam Fast Fire Nozzle that covers everything with a wet foam.  Finally, this nozzle, uses foam cartridges, and easily sprays foam on shrubs, bushes, and rooftops to provide a long lasting wet foam that resists fire.

What you don’t know

California has been DUMPING water!  If you saw the movie China Town or read the book you know what I mean.   Near full reservoirs this winter are now at minimum levels, just like in 1937.  For “environmental reasons” more than a thousand times the amount of water needed to maintain “endangered fish” has flowed to the sea.  This political move, just like in Los Angeles in 1937, powerful evil people are manipulating the critical resource (water) to subjugate you, the public, for private greed. Start preparing now.

Now, because of low reservoir water levels, California is using its max allocation of water from the Colorado River, and Lake Mead.  The lake water shed gets nearly the same amount of water as California water sheds.   Sure we are in a drought period, but the reservoirs were designed to hold enough water to easily carry the state’s needs.

Lake Mead Water Level

Take a look at the graph below.  This is the Lake Mead water level.  The top line shows the 2020 water level in the lake which was at a 5 year high.  We were filling back up.  However, in 18 months the water level has dropped to below the 1075 threshold for the federal government to declare a shortage.  The level was expected to be breached sometime in August, however the water level screamed past 1075 feet in May, three months early.  It took only 4 months to drop from a near average peak to a historical low.

Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico are now at ration stage, while California continues to max out its allocation because of mismanagement of its reservoirs.  This is going to wipe out prime agriculture in Arizona.  In addition, because of lower reservoirs in California, agriculture in the Central Valley is going to take a huge hit.  This water level drop is incredible and is using up the last available water reserve.



For a closer look, here is the link to the interactive graph above.  Graphical view of Lake Mead Water Data.

Here is a June 21, 2021 Headline.

Lake Mead: The devastating impact of a 22-year drought on America’s largest reservoir as water levels fall to record low.  

Finally if you have a swimming pool, take care of it.  Therefore, follow good pool maintenance practices.  Lastly and most important, get a Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump. You will be glad that you did.

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