Welcome to the Fire Pump Video page with information on the Homeowner Swimming Pool Firefighter.

Here you will find the Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump, the finest portable firefighter available for swimming pools.  The Foam Fast Fire Nozzle should also considered along with the fire pump.

Here are a couple of blog articles that discuss the fire pump that should be helpful:

You will find these videos to be very informative and complete.

This fire pump video covers the Cat 6 Tools homeowner swimming pool firefighting product.

When watching the videos, refer to these illustrations for reference.

Cat 6 Tools Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump illustrated


homeowner-swimming-pool-fire-pump fire-pump

The Emergency Firefighter in action!

This short video provides a summary of the fire pump and equipment available

The Fire Pump Video shows how the fire fighter works.

This is a fire pump video that also shows how the Swimming Pool Firefighter operates from a tank water source


This fire pump video discusses the operation of the Firefighter.


Talk with a professional firefighter

After looking at these  videos, if you have a question about these products call and talk with Titus Nelson at Cat 6 Tools.  He fought fires with the U. S. Forest Service and the well known Texas Canyon Hotshots on the Angles Forest north of Los Angeles.   He also served 7 years as a Smokejumper in the Pacific Northwest and with the BLM in Alaska.  In addition, he very familiar with the use of the portable firefighter product.  And finally,  he has sold many of these products that are in service in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Want to become a Smokejumper?  Checkout the National Smokejumper Association web page for more information.

Quality Manufacturing

This product is manufactured in Chatsworth, CA.

70 years of Manufacturing Experience

Keene Engineering of Chatsworth, California manufacturers the Holey Moley Post Hole DIggers, Core Diggers and Reamers.  Keene Engineering in business now for over 70 years makes quality dredging and mining equipment.   All parts are backed by a 30 day replacement and 1 years manufacturing parts defect warranty.

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