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Welcome to Cat 6 Tools, LLC “Home of the Holey-Moley Digger” and Vacuum Equipment for digging holes and moving dirt.

We have 5 product lines that make moving dirt easy.

  1. Diggers
  2. Vacuum Systems
  3. Wet/Dry Filter Separators (these units go in front of shop vacuums)
  4. Wet/Dry Vacuum Separators (thees go in front of shop vacuums)
  5. Swimming Pool Fire Pumps (the finest fire pump for homeowner swimming pools)

For immediate help call or text (702) 533-4363

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“Home Of The Holey-Moley Digger”

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      Cat 6 Tools Contact Information

      email –

      web page –

      telephone – 702-533-4363

      mailing address –  P.O. Box 778268 Henderson, NV 89077


      Our Holey-Moley Post Hole Diggers are manufactured by Keene Engineering of Chatsworth, CA in business for over 70 years.