The 2022 Fire Forecast Doesn’t Look Good

The 2022 Fire Forecast doesn’t look good for Southern California.  Prepare now.  


Get ready with the 2022 Fire Forecast.  The Red Cross says you only have about a minute and a half to grab and go when your house is on fire.   A great suggestion is to have a “naked bag” – If you are naked, you can grab your bag and it has at a minimum, clothes and shoes.  Assume you are in the shower and fire hits your home.  You can head for the door, grab your bag and get out.   So get your bag ready NOW!

It is easy to put 5 days clothing and even water and snacks into a bag.  Add some money, a few hundred bucks will get you a room.  Have your the bag near your car keys.  Based on Red Cross stories I have heard about people running outside barefoot with just the clothes on their back will bring tears to your eyes.   Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have extra time, grab those valuable papers and photos that you have in a strategic location for a quick grab.

Titus Nelson, Former Smokejumper, warns severe fire danger ahead!  Get Ready with The 2022 Fire Forecast

The 2022 Fire Forecast doesn’t look good for Southern California says Titus Nelson a former Smokejumper and Southern California Firefighter, Titus Nelson knows California Wildfires. With above normal fire conditions, fires spread at unimaginable speeds and reach incredible sizes. Based on the last five years, this year is going to be significant.  Below are some links to improve your visibility on fire conditions and forecasts.

Read the September 2020 blog – Protect Your Home From Wildfire – 6 Things You Can Do. It is now more important than ever to prepare for wildfires.

Fire Forecast Outlook Period – July through October

“Much of the Sierra and Coast Ranges in California will have above normal significant potential by August, continuing through September. Offshore wind prone areas in California will likely retain above normal potential in October as well.”

Up To Date Cal Fire Map and Conditions with information for The 2022 Fire Forecast.

Here is a great link for Cal Fire with Map and Conditions.

Here is a good web site for the National Significant Wild land Fire Potential Outlook: Updated July 1, 2022, Next Issuance: August 1, 2022

Water is King!

When it comes to fighting fire the best way is with water. Ask any fire fighter.  Water is king.  That is why you see fire hydrants on every corner of every city block and that’s why fire crews arrive with a truck full of water.   Water is king when it comes to fighting fires.  If you have a swimming pool, you are KING when there is a fire.  Take advantage of your resource.  Note item 6. below.  Get a Swimming Pool Fire Pump.

Mitigating Fire Risk

Reduction of fire risk in wildfire urban areas is not hard, however, risk reduction is a priori function as compared to what comes after a fire which is posteriori, and take if from me you don’t want to be on the posteriori end of a fire event.  From my previous blog article on the subject Protect Your Home From Wildfire – 6 Things You Can Do here are the 6 things you can do:

  1. Block the attic vent screens – this is where embers can enter the attic and start a fire inside the house
  2. Protect exposed wood under the eves of your home.
  3. Cover your windows to prevent IR heat from igniting materials inside your house.
  4. Remove flammable materials from around your house
  5. Set up adjustable RainBird sprinklers to cover the sides and under eves of your house.
  6. If you have a swimming pool, get a Swimming Pool Fire Pump.

If you have a swimming pool you are a king.  Don’t waste it.

Homeowner Swimming Pool Emergency Fire Pump in action!


However to use water effectively to Protect Your Home From Wildfire is a fire pump. Most importantly, one of the best fire pumps for Homeowners is the Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump.   As a result of years of engineering and manufacturing experience, this pump is a precision, high pressure pump that will shoot a stream of water up to 250 feet.

Because you may have to leave your home, make sure you pump is set up and ready to go.  Notify the fire department that you have a pump and that it is set up. It’s a good idea to have the fire department come out and show them what you have.  Even better, put a sprinkler system together, so that if you have to leave, just turn your pump and sprinklers on.  This pump will run for hours using water from your pool to keep you house and surrounding brush soaked.

Cat 6 Tools Homeowner Swimming Pool Fire Pump

Get to know Your Fire Department

Because you have a swimming pool pump, the fire department won’t have to send a pumper truck.  As a result, they can then just send a couple fire fighters who are more than capable of using portable swimming pool pumps. Additionally, the fire department will appreciate your preparedness.  As a result, with a pool and pump the Fire Department will have a good chance of saving your house. Don’t forget, another fabulous accessory for you pool pump is the ultimate fire tool, the Foam Fast Fire Nozzle that covers everything with a wet foam.  Finally, this nozzle, uses foam cartridges, and easily sprays foam on shrubs, bushes, and rooftops to provide a long lasting wet foam that resists fire.

Cat 6 Tools’ Foam Fast Fire Nozzle


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